Events and Seminars Arrangements

Events and Seminars Arrangements

2020年3月1日 ジョブフェア会場にご来場予定の皆さまへ

Events and Seminars Arrangements

We plan and hold various events that provide a place for matching between companies and Filipinos in Japan, such as job fairs for foreign residents.

Job fairs for foreign residents (Group interview)

We hold group job interviews “Job Fair” for foreign residents in Tokyo and Nagoya.
We will invite foreign job seekers through telephone calls and advertisements in newspapers and the Web and guide them to the interview booth of the exhibiting companies. A large number of job seekers can be interviewed at a single opportunity, so our Job Fair has been taken part in by customers such as major restaurant chains and nursing care businesses, where there is demand for human resources in various regions, as well as manufacturing and building maintenance businesses that want to hire a large number of people.
Some customers have been able to hire more than 30 people at one time. So, the Job Fair is well received as efficient employment is possible in a short time.
In addition, “Customized Job Fair” is also individually held to meet customer needs.

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