International telecom service


International communication lines for cable TV operators in the Philippines

IPS provides international communication lines in the Philippines connecting Manila with Hong Kong, North America and many other countries. Our target audience are cable TV operators. In the Philippines, many cable TV operators provide internet connection services. However, international communication lines required for internet connection services are only provided by major carriers who also serve as competitors for end users. This situation does not allow operators to offer competitive services, especially in the Philippines where cable TV is widespread.
As a result, we purchase large-scale lines from domestic and overseas telecommunications carriers and offer the lines to cable TV carriers in small lots in accordance with customer demands. Our service allows cable operators to connect to the internet in Hong Kong, where communication has become liberalized.
IPS had expanded services to North America, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo. We continue to expand according to needs and demands as we promote the diversification of network usage by cable TV companies and high value internet connection services.

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