Privacy Policy

Social Responsibility for Client’s Privacy policy

・We are fully aware of our social responsibility to protect the personal information of our clients in all of our business transaction.:
- We will comply with utmost care the protection of any person’s rights.;
- To further protect our client’s privacy rights we will make sure we will be at par with the latest trends in information technology.;
- We will constantly adapt to the social demands and rapidly changing business environment.
・We even set up a Personal Information Protection Management System (PIPMS) to embody the following policies,

On August 1, 2008 mandated and April 1, 2009 revision, Mr. Koji Miyashita, CEO, and President mandated that

1 All Personal information will be handled limited to the following scope:
・All business in terms of legitimate business execution,
・The extent necessary for employment and personnel management, and necessity for achieving the specified purpose of its use.
2 We will strictly comply with the norms, regulations and laws established by the government related to the protection of personal information.
3 We will continuously improve our personal information system by:
injecting security and safety measures to prevent risks such as leakage, loss, and damage of personal information and apply prompt corrective measures.
4 We will promptly handle complaints and consultations related to any personal information.
5 With the rapid changes in the environment
The Personal Information Protection Management System (PIPMS) and the Company itself will review on a timely and appropriate basis continuous improvement e.g::
- Updated policies will be distributed to all employees for dissemination and posting on the website, pamphlets etc.,
- Measures will be undertaken so that anyone can obtain information at any given time.

Guidelines for Personal Information

1 Business NameIPS
2 2. Responsible for Personal Information Protection Management System (PIPMS)
Contact Person: Noriyuki Hayashida
Contact Number: 0120-959257
3 Purpose and Need of using personal information
(1)Purpose of use in the case of directly acquiring personal information stated in a document (including those in website, e-mail, etc.,) hereinafter referred to as "DOCUMENT"

For the invoice of products and services including after sales and promotion of new services e.g.
1. Toll Free Service,
2. Access Plus Rechargeable Call Card,
3. Line Capacity,
4. High-performance Data Center,
5. Ameyo-J Contact Solution System
For the invoice of set up boxes, advertising placement or any related service to our IPTV VOXTV broadcasting business, including after-sales service and other subscription plans;
For the invoice shipment of teleshopping business particularly our CELESTY Health and Beauty products and other related products and services.
For invoice, guidance and after sales service, promotion of new products and services, educational courses, employment consultation and Data Mining such as Customer Satisfaction Survey from clients
For mailing of PINOY GAZETTE, (a newspaper), and PINOYLIFE, (a website catering to Filipinos living in Japan.) plus promoting new products and services and after sales..

- For information and guidelines needed for our Overseas English Internship Program e.g.
- Application forms etc.
- Other related services

●To provide information, make delivery and contact client/s
●To negotiate and give business contacts, for billing and ordering
●For the management of labor, business ,health and security
●Necessary to come up with a reference and recommendation for job placements
●To call applicants plus supervise and manage other recruitment

(2)For the Purpose of acquiring personal information directly from the principal other than Writing

●For order confirmation ( call recording)
4 Outsourcing Company/s to handle Personal Information
IPS Inc. partly outsource its operation in order to provide better service to our clients. Personal information are disclose, so we make sure we carefully select the companies that will set up necessary measures by confidentially handling information with utmost care in order to prevent leakage and carry out the appropriate management.
5 Request on Disclosure of Personal Information
Clients has the right to request Personal Information from IPS Inc. for notification, correction or addition and or deletion of contents of use, suspension or elimination of use, suspension of provision to third parties. Inquiries and request will be responded within a reasonable period of time. Please refer to "Guidelines for Request on Disclosure of Personal Information below.
6 Optional Provision of Clients to provide Personal Information
The accuracy of information depends largely on our clients. If information is not accurate we may not be able to carry out our service properly.
7 Protection and Security of Personal Information
Our system uses Coolie/s so our clients can conveniently browse when they visit our websites The system does not infringe the privacy of our client. It also ensures that no harm is done to the hardware.
In addition, we use a data encryption system called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
plus installed a firewall to protect information to ensure security of our site.
Note however that we cannot guarantee complete security of any data due to the normal nature of internet communication.

Guidelines for Request on Disclosure of Personal Information

With respect to personal information to be disclosed by IPS Inc. for notification, correction or addition and or deletion of contents of use, suspension or elimination of use, suspension of provision to third parties, the following procedure will be complied for an application form hereinafter referred to as "Request for Disclosure”;

1 Application of "Request for Disclosure”
Request for Disclosure is addressed to the following:
IPS Inc.,
Togeki 8th Floor 4-1-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045
Personal Information Consultation Desk
E-mail address:
TEL: 0120-959257 (Operating Hours 10: 00 ~ 18: 00)

Fill up the all the information required in the Application form and attached the necessary documents then enclosed the required fees after which send by postal mail

※ Any concerns or request during Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays, Year-end, New Year holidays, and Golden Week will be processed on the next business day.

2 Procedures to Apply for of "Request for Disclosure”
Download the PDF Application form
Print and Fill Up all fields
Mail to IPS Office
Upon receiving your application, we will call and verify your identity such as phone number and date of birth

Please complete all requirements stated in the Application Form and pay the corresponding fees (1)

①In case of Purpose of Request Form
②In case of Disclosure of Personal Information Form
③In case of Correction of Personal Information and Request for Cancelation Form

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