Corporate Philosophy

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corporate philosophy

―In Japan and the world, we will open the door to barriers that have not yet been broken through and aim to realize an ideal society.―

If you look around the world now, there are still many barriers that are impeded by preconceptions, prejudices, or old-fashioned customs that prevent the realization of an ideal society. For example, in this era of globalization, are foreigners working in Japan really demonstrating their abilities? Or, in a variety of industries, unreasonable rules unique to the industry have occupied, so have the services that people can naturally enjoy been impaired? IPS has made great progress so far by finding new business opportunities as barriers to such societies and creating businesses that break through them with ingenuity.
We have aggressively challenged business that other companies might have hesitation to do and we have pioneered the market, creating services that will please many people. With our incessant challenge, there are many cases where a small market has grown dramatically, and the traditional industrial structure has changed.
As our social mission, we will continue to boldly challenge to create a new value worldwide by opening doors on the walls that are preventing people from living in a truly prosperous society.