All in One Contact Engagement Solution : AmeyoJ

All in One Contact Engagement Solution : AmeyoJ
コールセンターシステム AmeyoJ

All in One Contact Engagement Solution : AmeyoJ

AmeyoJ is an all-in-one software based customer engagement solution,
To date 4,000 companies are using Ameyo worldwide

Ameyo was developed in India . India is known as the world's leading collection call center for English-speaking countries such as the United States. IPS was given the exclusive license in Japan. With IPS’s Japanese expertise and India’s assured support backed up by its achievement was the birth of Ameyo Japan or AmeyoJ

The new version has a powerful and highly flexible customer engagement software that lets one have a personalized interaction with every customer across multiple channels including SNS , thereby driving customer engagement to a level par excellence

AmeyoJ has Genie The Intelligent Chatbot
With Genie this gives Low cost self service channel, Zero touch interactions made easy and effective
Performs almost human-like chat interactions, Smoothly handovers the interaction to an agent,
if needed, in a single touch

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AmeyoJ is cost efficiency –outbound call charge is billed per second not per minute, Reducing cost and increasing call center agents productivity.

We also offer the AmeyoJ solution bundled with our in-house operators/agents and per second billing on our call processing platform, thus realizing more savings for our customers. For more information, please refer to the page of the Resale of Toll Free Service.

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