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Toll Free Service

Toll Free Service

IPSPRO bills calls in per second increments. For major telephone companies in general, billing for fixed line continues to be in 180-second increments while those for mobile are in 30-second increments. Per second billing can provide substantial savings to businesses, not only for originating toll calls but also for incoming (toll-free, etc.) calls. To deliver this money-saving feature, the company purchases in bulk from major telecommunications companies rather just acting as an agent. We then rate your calls using our own billing system and deliver the savings to you. (Please note that, depending on who your current provider is, we may not be able to provide you our service). Quotations are free. Please contact us.

Japanese LOCAL DID SIP Trunking

Our SIP trunking(LIPSE SIP TRUNKING) is highly regarded for its reasonable cost and quality. In Japan, telephone charges are typically billed every three minutes. However, our lines are billed per second. To do so, it enables to eliminate unnecessary costs. Our data center is equipped with lines from major Japanese telecommunications companies, allowing us to provide stable phone numbers quickly. We provide phone lines via the internet. Phone lines can be easily accessed.

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