SIP Trunk Service

SIP TRUNK SERVICE CAN CUT your telephone charge
* The reduction rate varies depending on the current telephone service you are using.

IPS’s SIP Trunk Service is served for call centers and IP phone operators who use Cloud PBX (CTI). The telephone line accommodated in our data center is converted to SIP and provided to customers via the Internet (VPN, private line). There is no need to arrange a line on the customer side, and we will operate it for you. The lines of major carriers enable us to provide high-quality services.

 SIP TRUNK SERVICE Terms & Conditions (Japanese)

Features of The Service

Reduce Telephone Charge With Our Pay-per-second

Successfully reduced 37.5 % of the telephone cost!
In one example, as much as 57 % of the telephone cost has been remarkably reduced

Number Portability

If your free dial number is 0120/0800/0570, the service can be used without changing your phone number as the number can be transferred to IPS’s telephone line.

No need to worry to change your phone number (0120/0800/0570).

EASY SET-UP without other equipment

No renovation is required on your site, SIP Trunk Service is available on the condition that you have CTI/PBX corresponded to SIP like the diagram below.

Easy and convenient by QUICK connection!

Examples of The Cases

Major telecom company S

Connection and Redundancy Between Data Centers Using a Leased Line

We have provided a SIP service by connecting the customer's data center and our data center with a dedicated line.
By making the telephone lines and SIP devices to be connected to a redundant servers, our customer was able to use the same telephone number even when a failure occurred.

Thousand Crane Inc.

Routing Multiple Telephone Lines to The Branches Across Japan

The phone lines of major domestic telecommunications carriers were routed to the branches in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kumamoto and Kagawa. Moreover, our service was used for multiple projects using the same CTI.
In addition, we succeeded in reducing the call charge among the client’s call centers to 0 yen using free calls of carriers.

Connection Achievements

CTI/PBX Connection Achievements (As of July 2018)

  • Bluebean SOFTSU Co., Ltd.
  • SimpleConnect Cloopen.Co.,Ltd.
  • INNOVERA PBX Prodelight Co,. Ltd
  • CLOUDTELECALL Cloud One Inc.
  • AmeyoJ (IPS product)

SIP server connection achievements (As of July 2018)

  • PrimusGW and One Inc.

Price List

SIP Trunk Service basic rate

Monthly rate
Every 23ch of telephone line you contract:¥10,000

Telephone Line

Telephone charge Fixed cost (Monthly cost/Installation cost))
Land line:¥0.06/sec. Billed at actual cost
Mobile:¥0.25/sec. Billed at actual cost

* Tax-exclusive
* Refer to website of NTT Communications or KDDI about fixed cost

Example Price

In the case of IP-Voice 23ch 10 lines

Initial Cost

Item Unit Price Quantity Price
Basic construction ¥10,000 1 ¥10,000
Extra construction ¥1,000 1 ¥1,000
VoIP GW PRI Installation cost ¥40,000 1 ¥40,000
Dial-in number ¥100 9 ¥900
Total amount ¥51,900

Monthly cost

Item Unit price Quantity Price
Basic rate(16ch, 1 telephone number) ¥19,200 1 ¥19,200
Additional telephone number ¥100 9 ¥900
Additional ch ¥1,200 7 ¥8,400
VoIP GW PRI Installation cost ¥5,300 1 ¥5,300
SIP Trunk Service basic rate ¥10,000 1 ¥10,000
Total amount ¥43,800

In the case of Hikari Direct 8ch 5 lines

Initial Cost

Item Unit price Quantity Price
Line construction cost ¥50,000 1 ¥50,000
Registration fee ¥2,000 1 ¥2,000
E-GW PRI Installation cost ¥88,000 1 ¥88,000
Dial-in number ¥100 4 ¥400
Total amount ¥140,400

Monthly cost

Item Unit price Quantity Price
Basic rate(8ch, 1 telephone number) ¥20,000 1 ¥20,000
Additional telephone number ¥100 4 ¥400
E-GW PRI Monthly cost ¥5300 1 ¥5300
SIP Trunk Service basic rate ¥10,000 1 ¥10,000
Total amount ¥35,700


Q:Can I use the service without changing my current CTI / PBX?
A:Any system that supports SIP can be used. We have enumerated systems that have already been used. For other systems, we can provide an operation test (free trial), so please feel free to contact us.
Q:What happens to my phone line order?
A:Since the telephone lines belong to IPS, please contact us for the addition of numbers or increase / decrease of channels (number of lines).
Q:Can I use FAX?
A:It’s not available.
Q: Is your service available at an overseas call center?
A: It’s available.
Q:Is your service available without changing our telephone number?
A:If your free dial number is 0120/0800/0570, number portability is available on our telephone line.
Q: Is area code available?
A:Only the area code for Tokyo (03-) can be used.
Q:Can you provide the service with a Leased Line at our data center?
A:Yes. It’s possible. Please contact us for more details.
Q:How long does it take to provide the service?
A: It can be provided in a week at the earliest. * It may take some time depending on the availability of the telephone line.