A Philippine Licensed Telecom Carrier : InfiniVAN

In 2015, IPS participated in the domestic telecom business by investing in a Philippine Licensed Telecom Carrier named INFINIVAN (or IVAN)

By September 2017, IVAN will start offering optical Internet service for Corporate or Key Accounts in Metro Manila.

Among the major ASEAN countries, the Internet in the Philippines is said to be one of the most expensive yet slowest. IPS, through IVAN would like to provide High Speed Reasonable-Priced Internet comparable to developed countries like that in Japan

The company is also planning to install circular or ring-shaped networks connecting the gaps between cable TV operators in major cities in the Philippines to create a national backbone.

The current two Leading telecom players embarked building their own network limiting the resources of CATV operators and thus straining the industry

By offering a link between IVAN’s Metro Manila Network and provinces, the company proposed to provide high-speed Internet services capable of distributing high-precision videos e.g. 4K and 8K through the network of Philippine CATV operators, maximizing the industries resources and boosting their business.

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