Pinoy Gazette / Job site

Pinoy Gazette / Job site

Pinoy Gazette / Job site

Pinoy Gazette / Job site

Pinoy Gazette, Pinoy Life, Pinoy Job

The company has published a Filipino newspaper called Pinoy Gazette since 1996.
IPS has been operating a Filipino community site -- "Pinoy Life (pinoiraifu)" -- and a Job site -- "Pinoy Jobs" for those who are living in Japan".

At a time when it was – and still is -- difficult to get news and community information in the native language, despite the internet, we have been providing this service that is highly appreciated by Filipinos in Japan.
Pinoy Gazette currently has a monthly circulation of 35,000 copies. It is distributed for free in places where Filipinos frequently go to and/or congregate such as churches, Filipino restaurants, food shops, etc.

While commercial advertisements for airline tickets, remittances, etc. were normal features of any free foreign language publication, we have now differentiated ourselves in that the bulk of advertising is centered on job opportunities for foreign workers. This is in recognition of the fact that many jobs are still advertised in Japanese, making it hard for foreign job seekers to aggressively look for available jobs.

"Pinoy Life" is accessible via mobile phone, tablet or PC. It is a site where visitors can find information on available jobs and relevant current events. "Pinoy Jobs" on the other hand also provides an opportunity for people to register and become members. Membership registration provides access to detailed job offerings, job fairs and other useful information for job seekers.

 Community website for Filipinos『Pinoy Life.JP』

 Job site for foreigners living in Japan『Pinoy Job』

 Digital version『Pinoy Gazette』
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