Value Added Services

Value Added Services

Value Added Services

We run our telecommunications business differently from other major telecommunications operators. Although a number of players have emerged from liberalization, the Japan market is now dominated by 3 major service providers who are integrated and attempt to provide universal services under one roof. However, in the process of expanding and operating as a super carrier of sorts, a number of niches and narrow segments of the market are left out. We have made it our mission to focus on those niches, with a view to achieving a deeper engagement with our customers, even if our foray into certain areas may not seem commercially viable at first glance. We consider our approach unique.

The existing interconnection among telecommunications operators allows us to focus on very profitable niche areas without having the need to provision and operation costly network equipment that the big boys have. We approach projects like a small and nimble OEM provider that can handle customized service requests. If you are interested in developing your own new service, please contact us.

1) Televoting service
Premium numbers are displayed on the TV screens for applications such as sweepstakes. Provision of this service requires sophisticated hardware and software solutions that can handle a high number of short duration calls. We delivered this platform to major telecommunications operators and continue to maintain and operate it.

2) SMS-related service
SMS was the prevalent way of communicating between feature phones. It has now evolved in functionality such as authentication via OTP (one-time password) on various websites and portals. We maintain and operate such a system for those a number of key clients.

3) Wholesale service for MVNO operator
MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) are companies that provide cheaper call service to end users by utilizing the underlying network of major MNOs (Mobile Network Operator). The Company provides wholesale service to MVNO.For more information, please refer to the MVNO business owners call service.

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