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IPS goes up the next level in celebration of its 25th year in business.

From its birth, IPS has always been overseas-focused.
We take pride in bringing businesses from other countries to Japan and vise versa.
We made significant success in setting up businesses in key markets abroad

Employees say:
“ Top Management is budget conscious when procuring things but lenient when it comes to Out of the Country business trips where one can learn and acquire business opportunities”
One learning example is the demand for caregivers and nursing services .
This effort has produced opportunities for Filipinos in Japan to work in care giving facilities.

The challenges we faced were not simple:
  We had to learn through the process and make adjustments to deliver what the market requires.
Recruiting Filipinos for a caregiving and nursing post for example was not easy.
We learned that we had to provide formal training in Japan before deploying them.
It was an expensive process but it gave us a foothold in this area

  We tried to market an “off the shelf” Contact Solution Software developed in India.
(Ameyo J – a Japenese version of Ameyo) It was supposed to meet international standards.
Knowing the Japanese market, we had to customized the software to tailor fit it
but our efforts was not just simply translation.
Anything foreign is a big question and it was a challenge to make the software acceptable
in a very competitive and mature market such as Japan

In doing business abroad, it is but very natural for a Japanese company such as us to
expect our foreign partners to have the same sense of urgency, responsibility to deliver promises
and make constant follow up until things are done.

Despite the existence of Mega Telecom companies that has been doing business for decades in the Philippines,
IPS was able to have long term partnerships under an IRU arrangement with Philippine Cable TV Operators.

For the groundworks, we take pride as the leader who pioneered in tapping a niche market .
IPS goes up the next level in celebration of its 25th year in business.
On its up coming sliver year our goal is to gain more skills and expertise .
We may not have a big scale success story like the big players have but
we are more than satisfied to serve the smaller markets.
We want to further excel in the technical know how of these areas where
we can fully develop and help maximize its resources.
For those who are eager to take on new challenges, join us in this ambitious quest.
We welcome people with diverse experience, skills and backgrounds.

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創業当初に当社の収益の柱となっていたのは、国際電話サービスでした。かつて多くの通信会社が在日外国人の方々と利用契約を結ぶのに消極的だった時代に、その外国人の方々の、故国の家族と話したいというニーズに応えてプリペイド方式の国際電話を提供いたしました。 今後も社会の抱える課題を解決する事業を展開することで、社会の中での存在意義を、ひいては企業価値を高めてまいります。

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